Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas

(he/his) (b. Oaxaca, México) 

My work involves thinking with and against modernity, and mestizaje; thinking of myself as an artist whose subject matter is design, and how the western world is designed.  I draw inspiration from the tropic and found objects that develop into functional works, installations, or moments to share research.

Also a curator at https://laclinica.art/


CV available upon request

The Extraction Before Us

Staged documentation of an extraction
Materials include: latex, clay, dirt, plastics

An extraction involves labor. Extracted matter (fluid or dust) is thought of as potentiality (cement or oil): a raw substance which belongs to the stars as much as it belongs to you. We rely on kinship, nations, morality, religion, and politics to claim this substance ours (sand or fetus).

A series of gestures and objects playing with smell, excavation, and symbols such as the sperm and the house with the white peaked fence.