Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas

(he/his) (b. Oaxaca, México) 

My work involves thinking with and against modernity, and mestizaje; thinking of myself as an artist whose subject matter is design, and how the western world is designed.  I draw inspiration from the tropic and found objects that develop into functional works, installations, or moments to share research.

Also a curator at https://laclinica.art/


CV available upon request

Modernism Without Modernity

16/03/2023 - 08/04/2023
at an.other.world.project.space

Kent Chan (film screening)
Rib’s library (reading)
Juliette Mirabito (window intervention)
Hedvig Koertz (exhibition)

Modernism Without Modernity, an equal parts research, curatorial, and production based project which took place at AnOtherWorld. Modernity can be broadly understood as the “western project of civilisation”. It has long been concerned with the reproduction of the productive body, atomisation, and the creation of a consumerist society. Therefore, the project is born out of a need for alternative modes of being which exist in the paradigm of modernism without embodying modernity.

The exhibition opens to collaboration in order to share the creative process behind artistic research and knowledge production. Moments of publicly sharing research included, a reading, a film screening, an intervention in the windows to attract the neighbors, an artist talk, a open studio visit, and a exhibition opening on the closing day.

supported by the Gemeente Rotterdam

works made in conversation and collaboration with Hedvig Koertz

materials include but are not limited to: dried cactus, cyanotypes, branches, found steel, window frames, and fruit boxes

film screening;
A Tropics Expanded (2020) by Kent Chan

reading material;
Power Lines: Electricity in American Life and Letters, 1882-1952 (taken from Rib’s library)

 La Raza Cosmica / the cosmic race (1925)

The Other Game: Lessons from How Life Is Played in Mexican Villages

window intervention; made in collaboration with Juliette Mirabito
*photos courtesy of Jake Caleb and myself