Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas

(he/his) (b. Oaxaca, México) 

My work involves thinking with and against modernity, and mestizaje; thinking of myself as an artist whose subject matter is design, and how the western world is designed.  I draw inspiration from the tropic and found objects that develop into functional works, installations, or moments to share research.

Also a curator at https://laclinica.art/


CV available upon request

Designers From the Flatland

18/04/2023 - 23/04/2023
at DOPO? (Via Carlo Boncompagni, 51/10, 20139 Milano), and Ortica Studio (Via Enrico Nöe, 4, 20133 Milano)

curated by Cecilia Casabona and Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas
Made possible with the support of Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie NL.

Exhibition map & individual project descriptions.pdf
Poster & graphic identity by Juliette Mirabito

Designers From the Flatland brought together the work of seven artists, designers, and duos who received their artistic training in the Netherlands but whose identity is situated elsewhere; in other words: an exhibition about Dutch design without any Dutch designers... Participants responded to current patterns in Design such as displaying research. The main question raised by the exhibition was: how has design transformed through and within the international hub it has nourished?

While individually the participants work within their own conceptual frameworks, when placed under one roof the projects highlight contemporary conditions shared by artists and designers living in the Netherlands, like the constant struggle of finding a house and a suitable studio or making space beyond expensive co-working hubs that treat all practices as commercially driven practices. 

The exhibition was also accompanied and stretched by a publication under the title of 'BRING IT HOME' edited by Juliette Mirabito, where she invited Yassine Ben Abdallah, Viktória Kaslik, and Thais Akina Yoshitake to reflect on finding methodologies to navigate, avoid the traps, and practice endurance, care, and joy within the multiple layers of practice and institutions.

Invited projects:

  1. Bruno Baietto: 
    Justin the Dustbin Gets Gnarly

  2. Guenn Ramon Gustina:
    Kayo na man di obrero ta keinta palasio friu (Callus on hands of the labourer heats cold palace)

  3. Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas:
    You’ve Made Your Bed Now Lie in It

  4. Georgina Pantazopoulou:
    Her Practice: Biases, Glitches and Oppressive Values or a Happy Domesticity!

  5. Marta Ríos:
    A Designer Walks Into A Bar

  6. Scylla (Bianca Schick and Sofie Topi):
    The Passport Ceremonies: The Stock Version

  7. Studio Watershore (Ying-Ting Shen and Yu-Ching Chiang):
    A Moving Border is a Transparent Pathway

Images courtesy of DOPO? and the artists.